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Akira Ifukube Official Japanese Language Website

Your official source for information about Akira Ifukube in Japanese.

The Akira Ifukube Music Festival Official Website 
Information (in Japanese) about the festival.

Reiko Yamada - Pianist
The official website of the pianist and Akira Ifukube specialist, Reiko Yamada. Miss Yamada is a collaborator with AKIRAIFUKUBE.ORG.

Zen-On Music
This is a Japan-based music publisher with Japanese and English pages. Some of Ifukube's orchestral and chamber scores are available here for either purchase or rental.

Godzilla and Other Monster Music
Larry Tuczynski's extremely thourough website devoted to Godzilla and other Japanese science fiction soundtrack recordings...and more!

The Tcherepnin Society
Information about the musical Tcherepnin family. Alexander Tcherepnin mentored the young Akira Ifukube.

Fine Art Studio 111
Lorena Bowser is a San Diego-based artist and an Akira Ifukube fan. She has created three portraits of Ifukube, two of which have been displayed in the late composer's home. Her Ifukube-related art also appears on this website. Please check out her other works!

Sidelong Glances of a Pigeon Kicker
Brett Homenick's blog featuring daikaiju eiga-related news (and more) directly from Japan.

Vantage Point Interviews
Brett Homenick's collection of orginal interviews conducted with a wide range of celebrities and personalities with links to Japanese cinema.


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